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Australia's #1 Spot for Roller Skates, Parts & more at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices! FREE Shipping on all orders over $50. We stock Impala, Moxi, Bont, Riedell, Crazy Skates and more... Options available for new skaters, pro setups, roller derby, speed skating and more...

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Australia's #1 Spot for Inline Skates, Parts & more at the guaranteed lowest price. FREE Shipping on all orders over $50. Options available for new skaters, pro freestyle setups, new triskates & aggressive options for the rail rats. Or get your skates custom fit with our world class expert Bill Vertucci, trust us, you'll notice a huge difference.

Buy Inline Skates & Rollerblades |

Inline Skates, or Rollerblades as they’re also known, reached real popularity during the 90’s. They’re faster than roller skates and more responsive for a rider with a good sense of balance. Inline Skates are a great present for a parent wanting to get the kids off their gaming console. A number of inline skates for kids are adjustable to ...

Roller Skating - Wikipedia

Roller skating is traveling on surfaces with roller skates.It is a recreational activity, a sport, and a form of transportation. Roller rinks and skate parks are built for roller skating, though it also takes place on streets, sidewalks, and bike paths.. Roller skating originated in the performing arts in the 18th century. It gained widespread popularity starting in the 1880s.

Roller Skates -

Roller skates. Cool roller skates for kids provide a great way to promote healthy exercise through play. Quad roller skates are a popular choice, particularly among beginners. Quads have four wheels each, making them more stable than some other designs and helping to build confidence in kids early on.

Roller Skates - For Boys, Girls & Adults | Quad Skates ...

Quad skates are designed with four wide wheels equally spaced apart which make learning how to skate really simple. They’re the perfect option for younger kids and people who've never skated before. We have skates for adults and kids from brand such as SFR, Rio Roller, Odyssey, Osprey, Blazer and Roces to name a few.

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FREELINE SKATES. Complete Freeline Wheels Decks Accessories MOUNTAINBOARD. SLACKLINE. GIBBON; Skateboard Helmet. Padding Skate Helmet Fullface Helmet. Visors Bike Helmet . Protection Set. Knee Pad. Elbow Pad. Protection Set Crash Pant. Shin Pad. Wristguard. Ankle Protector. Gloves. Gant de Longboard ...

Madd Gear Light-Up Rollers - Pink/Teal -

The Madd light-up rollers are ready to turn your ordinary shoes into awesome roller skates in seconds. Fully adjustable to fit most shoe sizes yet less bulky than regular roller skates, the Madd rollers can turn any situation into the most amazing adventure.

Freeride - Wikipedia

Freeride is a widely used sporting term and may refer to: . Freeriding (sport), a style of skiing or snowboarding Freeride (longboard), a discipline of longboarding Freeride (mountain biking), a branch of mountain biking Freeride kayaking; Boulder Freeride, a University of Colorado skiing club; Freeride, a brand of freeline skates; Freeride, a model of KTM off-road motorcycle

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Fueron los primeros skates que salieron a la luz para realizar acrobacias y trucos. Este tipo de skates son una excelente opción para patinar en piscinas, rampas o simplemente por las calles. Son los más polivalentes. Este tipo de skates está pensado para la gente que ya tiene un cierto nivel de experiencia manejando el skate.